15 September 2010

Under Construction

We are a newly formed gender relations and feminist theory group. Our goal is to bring awareness to our school and community about social inequalities, sex and gender symbolism, and social interactions in modern society through the format of a book club, discussion-based meetings as well as the use of speakers, events, and the media. One of our biggest goals is to empower females in our school district as well as the community through discussions and increasing the availability of information that is currently offered in Trumansburg.
Our events throughout the year will include movie nights, caberet nights, book discussions, Love Your Body Fair, Sister2Sister Programs, Middle School Outreach Programs, Sex Education, science workshops, and fun!

Our first meeting is on Thursday September 23rd in Mrs.Riggin's Room.

If you have any questions, everyone is welcome to talk to Zoloo Brown, Selena Torrado, Maxine Fallon-Goodwin, and Alyssa Pritts.