Our Officers

Maxine Fallon Goodwin
Vice President/Treasurer
"I joined the club after being recruited by Co-President Selena Torrado. Without truly labeling myself as a feminist, I often felt the sting of oppression of both woman, and African Americans. My mother and father taught me well, teaching me to constantly be aware of what I am watching or listening to. My mother was young, attending college and having two children to raise, she showed me from the day I was born that woman are extremely powerful. That is why I was so willing to help with the formation of Femtastic!, this group finally gave me a place to fight against an oppressive force much bigger than any one person. This year I am in my senior year at Charles O. Dickerson HS, next year I hope to intern with N.O.W in Washington D.C and plan on living on a shark conservation in Cape Town, South Africa. In every aspect of my life I plan on promoting tolerance, education, and the beauty of equality."

MORE TO COME...............