Club Information

2010-2011: Femtastic!
Political/ Social Action
Meeting Times:
Our weekly meeting times are Wednesdays from 2:45-4:30 in Ms. Riggin's room.
Portrayal of Men and Women in the Media
Real Beauty vs. Societal Beauty
Global Feminism
Teen Sexuality
The Importance of Comprehensive Sex Ed
Prevalence of Pornography in Teen Culture
Feminism and Religion
Dating Violence
Strong Women Impacting Society
Unit Organization:
1.Researching The Topic
-read articles, book excerpts, and web posts on the topic
-watch movies/ documentaries/news clips about the topic
-attend lectures, workshops, and other events that pertain to the topic
2.Discussion Based Learning
-Discuss the information gathered with the group. Form opinions. Debate. Share feelings and ideas.
3. Outreach 
-Write opinion pieces or information articles and post on blog/ in school newspaper
-Plan school wide/ community wide events that pertain to topic
-Create a plan to combat the issues identified in discussion/ research.
Registration Status
Approved by the BOE
Organization Email
Organization Address
Charles O. Dickerson High School
Trumansburg, NY 14886
President-Selena Torrado, Zoloo Brown
Vice President- Alyssa Pritts
Secretary- Maxine Fallon-Goodwin
Treasurer- Chelsea Starkweather
Jane Riggins
Afilliated With:
-Planned Parenthood Ithaca
314 W. State st.
Ithaca, NY 14850
-Cornell Women's Resource Center
Cornell University
209 Williard Straight Hall
Ithaca NY 14850