16 October 2010

First Meeting Recap

Femtastic! had its first official meeting Wednesday, October 13th. This month's topic is Portrayal of Men and Women in the Media. In the meeting, we talked about the portrayal of women and men in pop music. We listened and read the lyrics to Kid Cudi's Make Her Say, Lil Wayne's Poke Her Face and Lollipop, and Trey Songz Say Ahh. We then discussed the sexual power dynamics, issues of consent, and female imagery present in the songs and videos.
After identifying the problems, conversation shifted to how we could make a difference and abolish sexism in the music industry. In the next meeting, we will  further organize and plan for activism and outreach programs.
Kid Cudi
We also scheduled fund raising activities. One that will be of interest to the Charles O Dickerson community is the Halloween Dance, scheduled for Friday October 29th in the High School Gym. Entrance fee is $7 for students and $9 for guests. Wear your Halloween costume and dance the night away! All proceeds will go to Femtastic!.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 20th from 5-6:30 pm in Ms Riggins' room. Any student at Trumansburg High is invited to attend.

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