02 February 2011

Redefining Rape (Click here to sign petition)

Ever since Roe vs Wade legalized abortion, the fight against it has been strong, and in a lot of attempts successful. The Hyde Amendment which prohibited federal funding for abortion, unless it fit certain criteria established in the bill. The Hyde Amendment has fluctuated in severity over the years. This year, a new bill has been proposed by the GOP which will limit the rights of women once again. This new bill proposes a new definition of rape, it states that only women who have been "forcibly raped" will receive federal funding for their abortion. It's very difficult and disturbing to pin point what counts as "forcible rape", because it is my understanding that the meaning of rape according to Merriam Webster is "to seize and take away by force" . There is that word "force" right in the definition, how dare any one try to redefine the word when it comes to a right given to every women by her government. Every women, seeking an abortion after being rape now has fight for her right to choose, she has to prove that her right to choose her sexual partner was taken away from her, in order for her to have her right to choose which was given to her by Roe Vs. Wade. I urge everyone who not only supports abortion rights, but anyone who supports woman rights to sign the petition on moveon.org to stop this bill in its tracks. The passage of this bill, will not only limit abortion rights, but undermine the power of women, by saying putting a price on an event as tramatic as rape.

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